Project Description

This hybrid archtop was developed for Christine Tassan, a Montreal jazzwoman who needed an acoustic jazz instrument capable of being amplified on stage without any feedback problem and which was ergonomically better suited to her.

I chose to use the laminating technique, which consists of gluing several thin layers of wood together to increase the rigidity of the surfaces of the instrument without adding weight.

I have also designed sound holes plugs for the instrument in order to cut the resonance of the guitar body in situations that require it, such as on stage at high volume.

The result is a light, handy and very precise instrument.

All my instruments are customizable on certain dimensional parameters as well as the choice of wood.

Several amplification options are also available.


  • Body length: 19,5 inches

  • Body width: 15 inches

  • Body depth: 2 1/2 inches

  • String length: 24,75 inches

  • String spacing at bridge: 2 3/16 inches

  • Nut width: 1 13/16 inches

Type of Wood

  • Top: laminated Lutz spruce/mahogany/Engelmann spruce

  • Back and sides : Flamed mapple/mahogany/Engelmann spruce

  • Neck : South-Amercian Mahogany

  • Bindings : Ebony

  • Headplate : Ebony

  • Bridge, fretboard and tailpiece : Ebony

  • Fretboard : Ebony


  • Truss rod : Dual action stainless steel

  • Frets : EVO Gold

  • Tuners : Gotoh 510 Cosmo Black

  • Nut and saddle : bone

  • Finish : natural oil

  • Electronic : Kent Armstrong Jazz Humbucker 12 poles adjustable